Care instructions

Care instructions

Proper care is also important with fabrilogy-fabrics.

Pflegehinweise In general, our high-quality GOTS fabrics are easy to care for. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to some points when you wash and iron the fabrics so that the colors are kept wonderfully and the fabric is not unnecessarily strained.

Cleaning and care

fabrilogy-fabrics should always be washed in a gentle cycle, alternatively you can also prefer a warm hand wash. Use appropriate detergent or wool detergent. The colors of the fabric remain longer and radiant. Particularly larger parts should be dried while lying down, as the fabric could otherwise lengthen. Anyone who irons his fabric should always iron in stitches, or in the longitudinal direction, at a moderate temperature.

Hint: It is recommended to wash fabrics before processing. Fabrics will shrink after the first wash.