Dear customers,

The current corona crisis presents all of us with new challenges. At this point we would like to inform you about some changes in daily business. Please take the time to read changes carefully.

Terms of payment
Basically, the agreed terms of payment remain. However, we reserve the right, depending on the situation, to only deliver to you withpayment in advance.
We ask for your understanding!


daily delivery
We continue to send your parcels daily. The transit times abroad can, however, be somewhat longer than usual.


attempts to deliver
Depending on the shipping company, the deliverers ring 1-2 times. If the door is not opened by then, in the worst case the parcels will be returned to us. There are additional fees (Germany = € 5.50 / net package, abroad = € 11.00 / net package), which we will pass on to you. A second delivery attempt is not offered by all logistics companies.
Please enter a shipping address where the goods can be accepted at the usual delivery times.


contactless delivery
The shipping companies only deliver the packages contactlessly. This means that the goods are not carried to the business premises and you do not personally acknowledge receipt with your signature. Instead, the driver signs and confirms successful delivery.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: or +49 (0) 2401 80 49 49 1
Stay healthy!
Your fabrilogy team

UPDATED 25.03.2020